Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey Guys. Just got back from the San Diego Comic Con and wanted to post the variant cover I did for the Comic Con copies of the September issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. I think I caught Jeromy Cox (colorist for the book, DMZ, Amazing spiderman, Vampirates and others) off guard with the amount of detail and characters I put in the cover but he went well above and beyond anything I could ahve ever imagined or been able to excucute on my own. Signing at the HM booth was crazy. Kevin Eastman was beyond supportive and an all around bad-ass guy and could not have been more supportive.
If you get a chance or read Heavy Metal please check out part 1 of FLUORESCENT BLACK
You can also check out a preview at TheComicCollective.com.

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Adam Tamte Volker said...

This is pretty viceral man, awesome! I'm sure the con was epic. I'm sorry I missed it, and a chance to chat with you. Take care.