Sunday, August 31, 2008

"No Repetitive Deception For Old Man"

The guy left almost as soon as I started this drawing and had to rely on memory for most of it. It's always a gamble when you go out to draw in cafes.


Artalexis said...

Tremendo trabajo me gusta mucho muy suelto muy libre...Saludos

gumkid said...

damn, you do these from life??

Rich Pellegrino said...

Thanks Artalexis!

S-money: hmmmm. not really. i guess you can say i do. for the most part i draw from imagination. when i draw in cafes from life i take a few observant glances, jot down a loose gesture of the pose and then take off on my own... occasionally looking back at the subject to get the lighting and features right. so i guess i use life as a jumping point. ha. oh man, that sounds bad. my patience is way too limited which makes life drawing a bit uninteresting. It's a wonder how i can spend hours playing resident evil mercenaries or MGS4!