Tuesday, January 6, 2009

impression of richmond

in progress

tell me what you guys think, thanks


Rich Pellegrino said...

Hey mang

I love the line work but am not sold on the digital coloring. Of my opinion is based completely on my personal taste. But I think if you used more limited palette and painted in watercolor this would really shine. Maybe bleed the watercolors a little out of the line work in certain ares to exaggerate the clean yet vertigo feeling of the line work? Just my two cents mate. I love the composition!

gumkid said...

thanks man, i'll give it a try

Adam Tamte Volker said...

Hey dude,

I'm a big fan of the linework. I think the drawing has a lot of life in it, but I don't think the color treatment quite lives up to the drawing. It seems like you were more confident with the lines and less so with your color. Perhaps some traditional media would force you to make quicker decisions. To me it feels like there is a lot of hesitation in the digital color.