Monday, February 16, 2009

Studio Space(s)

What's up folks, this is my first post here. love this idea; my favorite part of a visiting artists presentation is when they show their studio area. I cant really explain why. First shot is my space at my apartment. I somehow managed to fit 3 desks, a bed and a corner chair in my room. It's great having the 3 desks though. To the left I have a small desk where I read and work on thumbnails, then the computer desk and then the drafting table. and of course my book shelf, I just filled it up. I love books. I mostly work on personal projects here. How many coffee mugs can you find?
And this is where I'm doing most of my work (for school and stuff) nowadays. I have a studio through the VCU Communication Arts program and it's great! I share this room with Leslie Herman, thats his desk on the left in my wannabe panaramic shot. this is just one room in the small building. Also in the studio are friends Raven Herrara, Jenna Chew, Stanley Rayfield, Geary Day, Guy Parkhomenko, Brianna Hertzog, and Duncan Robertson.
I had my wall covered in inspirational work from my heroes, but I just find it less distracting with a blank wall; it's easier for me to zone out while working. It's been really nice to have a studio away from the living space, and also really great to be with friends/artists for critiques and to feed off of. I definitely feel very fortunate to have 2 studio areas, and really trying to take advantage of it while it lasts!!! -Will


EL Gato Negro said...

very envious I am of your 2 spaces haha thank you for sharing and also sharing with a great crew makes it worth while.

Dustin dArnault said...

I like the space bro, I agree with eric!