Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ode to Sailor Moon

I honestly can't say any other anime, show, person, food, hot air balloon ride... has ever made me sprint home after school just to catch the beginning.

Crazy Sailor Moon Kid Things I would do on the Regular:
1. Storyboard Sailor Moon fight sequences to Backstreet Boy's hit, "I'll Be the One".
2. Meticulously organize hundreds of Sailor Moon Trading cards into tiny binders
3. Made a Sailor Moon mailing list under the name, KawaiiPikaMars
4. Drew new Sailor Scouts that oddly looked a lot like myself....coincidence?
5. Collected every comic, and VHS the web and Cooper's Town Comics had to offer.

Was I a lonely child?

Having said that, my border line obsessive behavior pretty much shaped me into the artist I am today. The creator of the comic was just a teenager when she created Sailor V, which ultimately led to Sailor Moon...but that alone motivated me to draw, knowing that maybe being a weird isolated kid who just sat home and drew all day, may one day pay off. Hasn't yet so far...but I'm getting there. ;)


Niki López said...

Hahahahahah, consider me guilty as well to sprinting as fast as I could home right after school. I'd always have a taping of Sailor Moon ready to be looked at like 10 million times over.

other than that, awesome chibi-scouts! they're adorable!

Whitney Pollett said...

YESSS!!!! I had them all on tape too!! I'd stop and start the recording to edit out all the commercials and then once the tape was full, I'd slap on a sticker with little Sailor Scout drawings to seal the deal! Ahahah those were the days...

looka said...

Yeah, those times where full of super fun shows. Thinking about... ATTACK NO.1 aka "MILA superstar" where I live. Or CAT'S EYE, or my guilty pleasure SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!

I love those drawings!

Megan Russell said...

I feel like I just read my own personal biography.

I must say thanks to Miss Moon for causing me to begin drawing VERY SERIOUSLY in grade school.

Artemis scooting his ass across the carpet is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Awesome sketches.

Adam Tamte Volker said...

awesome! The story almost takes the limelight away from the drawings!


Whitney Pollett said...

MAhahah sorry for the novel :D

EL Gato Negro said...

damn I should have done tuxedo mask!!!

Whitney Pollett said...

There's still time!! Tuxedo Mask is smokin' hot!!!
Have I crossed the dork line yet?

EL Gato Negro said...

oh you passed it when you started the sailor moon stuff haha but being a dork is allowed amounts us artist i were my nerd/dork badge with pride :)

Whitney Pollett said...

LOL!! I knew it!!!
Next theme, "Fav. Magic the Gathering Creature"
HAhahah oh yes, I went there.