Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just wanted to say thank you guys for keeping up with the blog everything is looking real solid im glad everyone is producing work and having fun while doing it. anyways going with the theme" DEMON" here is the new trailer from blood the last vampire live action, its looks good it had a great anime feature the manga was w/e but take a peek :P


Watts said...

This looks kick ass!

verdadverde said...

Looks pretty rad, but DAMN is that voice cheesy or what. I can't help thinking about Pablo Francisco's impression of that staple.

looka said...

!!! We have been talking about that!

Looks real fun and well made on the martial arts end, not like some US remake in the sense of "One missed call" or something.

On the dark parts of the story and the gorey stuff, I would love to see Miike have a take on BLOOD. But this is fine - can't go wrong with all that classy choreography, ha!

And, yeah the voice totally makes me think of all those cheesy 90's action riffs.

DEMON ha? I'm thinking... I'm thinking...