Wednesday, May 27, 2009

=Santa's here=

Ok so I finally made another file of goodies for ya'll not as big as I wanted but cant give out all the good stuff just yet. Some of these are my scans and other are found and my buddy. He  emails me some cool art from time to time so  Thx mike for the Toppi stuff. well guys post your demons and enjoy the goodies peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps if there is any problems pls comment

<<<<<<<< DOWNLOAD>>>>>>>


gumkid said...

thanks man, good stuff

Del Rey said...

Thank youuu :)

looka said...

YEAH, cooool! Thanks for that!

I have to brag, a bit: I met MOEBIOUS a week ago, he was in my hometown, signing at a very small event. AND I now have a sketch by him = BLUEBERRY.

EL Gato Negro said...

you luckky duck I would love to pick that guys brain a little