Wednesday, May 20, 2009

=Todays Artist=


Bombproof said...

wow. I waste so much money...thanks for posting this

mclean said...

"I'm a very good artist"

EL Gato Negro said...

Will, yeah i wish i made 12,000 a year at the moment hahaha, and yes Mclean I caught that too haha!

Whitney Pollett said...

I have mixed feelings about this kid.
I mean, I like him...but I think you need to feel the pressure of student loans and big car payments/ bills, etc. to creatively find ways to make the "big bucks"-ultimately causing you to climb the ranks of making it as an artist and feeling that sense of satisfaction through the process and the struggle. He seems too content with his mechanical mundane lifestyle of just barely scraping by...and for somebody so humble, he sure knows how to boast about himself.

I dig his style but I don't envy him.
He seems like a nice guy.