Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whats a Daymon?


SoooOooOOo glad I didn't miss the "Demon" challenge. I was doing some sketching yester-eve in the category and wanted to post another recent sketch. Hope ya'll dig it. It's been crazy awesome following this blog for the past few weeks. You guys are RIDICULOUS!


brokeback mountain



Jordie Bellaire said...

The second sketch ruuuuuuuuules.

Kyler Dannels said...

Lovin that character, could see that face repeated in a comic.

fuckin art! yeah! fuck!

gumkid said...

the house is baller

drewscape said...

the demon character looks great. i like how its stylised so its not as predictable as a typical fantasy art drawing.

looka said...


Andrew Olson said...

haha nice stuff
and the title made me crack up

Aaron Rossell said...

man--the sky in that second one. fantastic!