Monday, June 8, 2009


I've been very low key when it comes to posting work BUT since we're on the subject of music I'd like to share with you a record cover I did for a friend's band down here in Miami about 2 years ago. The band was called AYE and the record "Atmoscene" and they are a talented group of cats (or dogs :). Think for a mixture between Hendrix and Radiohead. They moved to New York and changed their name to Eastern Sweats. I loved hanging out with them, they had a HUGE vinyl collection and really lived to listen and play music...nonstop.

This was acrylic on illustration board. My knowledge of photoshop is VERY limited so I have to do what I can with good ol paint. Cheers,
Reinier (VV)


Adam Tamte Volker said...

That's some crazy trad skillz. The cover does remind me of a mix between hendrix/radiohead.


Eric said...

super trippy i love it that you can see all that to realize the full image great stuff man

A. P. said...

That's an awesome work!!