Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some fun drawings

Hello My name is Orlando and this is my first post enjoy.


Keyla Valerio said...

i really dig these!

looka said...

A big welcome to you Orlando! Good to see you around!

The varied color takes on the pieces are interesting, did you go classical and use Airbrush for the forth one with the lady? Or is it PS?

Tyler said...

lando i want to eat your brain

love ur stuff homie,
hope all is well


EL Gato Negro said...

fantastic first post i will eat your brain as well :)

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you very much for the welcome. The fourth is actually just a blur effect and the eraser in photoshop.
- Guys if you dare to eat my brain you'll have to speak with my buddy eddie munster first. hahaha