Saturday, June 6, 2009

THEME OF THE WEEK-O: Music genre!

Hey kidz!

Eric has given me the awesome chance to come up with this week's theme, and after writing and ditching a couple of ideas, I've decided upon going with MUSIC GENRE as a theme. So...what do YOU have to do? Basically, come up with what you believe would be the quintessential visual representation (i.e. character design) of ANY musical genre.

Be it jazz, rap, bubblegum pop, new age, opera, metal, you name it! The possibilities are endless, so grab your pencils and let 'er rip!



Watts said...

Sounds rockin' haha no pun intended. I love this blog!!!!

Jordie Bellaire said...

Oh no..I can't decide on one.

Duncan Barton said...

Niki, thanks for giving me a reason to illustrate GWAR!

EL Gato Negro said...

then do more than one

Niki López said...

i'm glad you guys are digging the theme! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.