Friday, July 24, 2009

evil clown

Mr. H.R. Giger once said that just because his images are evil, it does not mean that he him self is so. It is rather a way to expel it from his self to create his dark images.

then again, he is either a sell-out or a endless fountain of hate and suffering, he never did anything happy


Kenny Callicutt said...

Hot Fire.

looka said...

HAhaah! Maaaan yo said you'd stop the spooky ones! L-o-v-e it.

Yeah that Giger guy is all talk in most parts. He actually doesn't live far off from where I used to be, so I got to hear in on stuff he was doing (artwise). He is seriously into al the crap he draws - respect and all for his work - all of his home is stuffed with macabre little things and he really digs all that occult whim-wham. "Black down to the underwear" is what he used to say. Like I said, respect for the workload, but I just can't love him!

gumkid said...

ah man... yeah, I really like some of his stuffs, like some of ones that are not just about penises and spooky women, I really enjoy some of the dune illustrations. but He might be a little too into his little evil personal world