Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more free time on my hands

I'm a TA for Don Brandes' Illustration class that's going on now at pre-college, and they're doing watercolor. I went ahead and did some watercolor and ink shenanigans for this Anthony Hopkins portrait, along with an ink and digital portrait of The White Stripes. These were pretty quick and I'm ok with how they turned out, spent probably no more than an 1- 1.5 hours on each :]


neily-o said...

I really like the watercolor of Anthony Hopkins..the colors are beautiful!

looka said...

I really dig both takes, it's interesting to see such quick executed work.

Yesso, the colortextures are sweet!

Orlando Sanchez said...

I can hear him whispering "Hello Clarice..." It's a great water color and ink sketch.