Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Muddy Waters Experiment

Just fooling around with ps.


Orlando Sanchez said...

I like the type on this. Is it hand written type? I am also enjoying the mood of the piece. I could see it on an album cover.

looka said...

Yeah! Diggin' the Blues! Hey, have you heard of the great late R.L. Burnside??? If you dig Muddy you will also dig this madman I think.

gumkid said...

the new more simple drawings have been really really impressive. great mark making and character of the personality as usual

Rich Pellegrino said...

The type is not mine unfortunately. I found it on one of Muddy's album covers and overlayed it. I fudged it around quite a bit but i can't claim credit to the design.

I have heard of R.L. Burnside but am not too familiar with his stuff. I can't remember but I think he is a little bit newer than mud and the (b.b, freddie, albert)kings?

thanks shawn! i read Doug Chayka's blog post on the illustration academy blog about keeping sb's and it really inspired me to try it out. still searching for my voice and trying not to be too precious.