Friday, July 10, 2009

NAPA Journal ::Teaser::

I am gradually sculpting out my travel Journal from Japan. I am still fiddling with the basic page layouts and considering various formats, but I feel like I will go with this approach for now. This is just a sample will be colored of course..I just wanted to get some feedback on "readability of handwritten text"..and whether it could flow well visually for over 50 pages or so..anyways, I know it is in its very early stages.....but feel free to crit away! :)




Whitney Pollett said...

This is insanely cool.
The handwriting is legible, the limited color palette reads well and the image itself is well executed. You really captured the business of the marketplace. It's overwhelming.
Really nice. I can't wait to see more ^__^

rinaj said...

I like the coloured page a lot. I like the realation between drawing and text, I think it works very well.

looka said...

NOW! That's some rad sh*t Tony!

I don't have much criticism to give out as I'm fully taken by the drawing style and it's narrative quality. To me, it wouldn't even need color - both the BW and brown tones are wonderful. Those drawings on some nice (not glossy) paper just as they are... would kill I think. Coming to think of it, letterpressing would suit them fine.
But that's just me, I'd have everything in black and white, hahaha. Yes and it's totally readable.

When this will be out you got to post it over here, or at least let us know where to get it - can't really wait!

Andrew R. Wright said...

As usual, this is looking pretty awesome Tin!

I know you said this is in the beginning stages, so I am going to give you the full monty (not literally of course... that would be awkward).

In my opinion, the type and the image are both hurting each other.

The image is so full of beautiful and interesting texture that it blends in with the type you have here, making it hard to read. Vise versa because the type is so close to the image and equal in intricacy to the majority of the objects.

Because the drawing is what is most important (I am assuming, correct me if I am wrong please) the type should be simplified in content. Less words slightly larger font that is. You could also make more negative spaces in the drawing. The shirts could just be one blank space. Similar to what Unruh would do with a shirt.

Seriously though, your drawings speak without type.

I hope all is well,

looka said...

UPS! Sorry, err, I meant Tin of course - not Tony...!

Tin Salamunic said...

Thanks so much for all the feedback guys....truly truly appreciated. I will consider every comment and go back to the drawing board and start tweaking this thing....I do want to mention that the text is going to be quite a big part of this book....the whole thing will be told like a novel/comic....once more pages are done, it will make more sense.

thanks everyone!!

Adam Tamte Volker said...


This has a unique look, and feel to it. Some really cool stuff going on here.

I think I am going to politely disagree with Mr Wright, about the type. I think you are 90% there. It concerns me that the words might be to small (depending on what the final size of the printed book will be) or that a font would be cleaner than your handwriting. However, I like how compact and loaded the spreads are with the type. It might not be aesthetically logical, but part of how busy the image was when I first saw it attracted me, and I think that's something that gives your image momentum and individuality.

thanks for sharing, this is really inspirational stuff.