Monday, July 6, 2009


Well lets see here something fun hmmmmm ok i got it this weeks theme ZOMBIEssss. Ive been in a watching all my fave humaNS GOING CRazy on other humans i though this might be fun. Along with your sketch tell us your top five horror flicks :)

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looka said...

Yeah, cool topic! I've just talked with some buddies about that. Those guys are into that stuff way more than I am and talked about this one flick called DEAD SNOW. Supposedly a persiflage on zombie movies of some kind. Of course I haven't seen it yet, but actually thats the kind of Horror I dig: Whacky, over the top. The hyperrealism school of torture Horror is not my kind of thing.

Also, I just got a pitch to do about ZOMBIE movie Illustration!