Friday, August 28, 2009


These where a lot of fun to do. They are some studies I did before coming up with a design for a skateboard. Cool thing to do is with water color paper is wet the paper and then draw with a pen that acid free calligraphy ink or a crayon that is water soluble. The fun is that you can't get real detail with it which makes you think different. Learned that from Mark English. Oh and then after this I drew the design on the skateboard with a red brown color pencil. Side note: If you decide to draw on a design on wood, pencil lead rubs off easy and I usually have to spray fix it, but color pencil pablo series from caran d'ache to be specific does not rub of and you can paint over it with out it rubbing out.




Trey. said...

great stuff man,

I like the two squares next to each other.

care for a trade.

-Trey b

Orlando Sanchez said...

I believe we have a deal. Are you talking about the seventh one down?


Trey. said...

yeah, that one would be great.

Nicholas said...

dude the skate decks are GREAT!

Watts said...

Dude these are amazing, one of my favorite posts.