Thursday, August 6, 2009

off-topic friday

this is me doing offtopic art at doodles and shit!

sorry eric!

this started out as a tiny doodle in my sketchbook, i scanned it in and did a lot of things digitally for shits n gigs - hope you enjoy it, i enjoyed foolin around with it

i dont think i'll add a hand to that arm, i like that void there (or am i just lazy?!)



EL Gato Negro said...

haha np man i welcome all types of werk on here man. sweet piece are you done playing with it ?

looka said...

HU! I totally dig the textures in the red and on the face. the simplified shape of the dress is preattyyyy sweet too - fresh!

Tyler said...

ya i think im done with it - im planning to apply it to a more finished piece (pinup maybe?), i had oodles of fun on it so we'll see what comes out of this

Jordie Bellaire said...

I love the shiny-lace of her outfit, and the PURPLE smidgen of her bra. That is way, way too good.