Monday, August 24, 2009

Transfers ink and pastel

This week has been one very Inspirational week!

Today in the studio I have been getting close to the "Transfer."
I am using black etching ink, and pastels- with applied pressure on the opposite side.
I love the texture and the simplicity of the sloppy process.

In it all, I am trying to FIND ME A VOICE with drawing, value, and authenticity in my work. The more I work, the more I want to see a difference in not only myself but from others as well. Even though this body of work can be completely fine art, highly referenced horses and riders, I feel the stacks of paper have become a signature to me and they way I think.

My influences latley have been Fuchs, English, Pratt, Storey, and Vallejo.
A special thanks to George P. Francis V, and Dustin D. - enjoyed the visit!

All of these are done with etching Ink and with either a pencil, marker, or pastel applying pressure on the otherside of the paper. They are a growning body of minor works for my Polo show in Dec. All of these are on white paper 14 x 17, drawn under or around 10 min. I also plan on going back in with either arcylic or oil to carve into the obvious fat parts, or establish another color. What do you think?

I hope you enjoy the work.

-Trey B


Scott Brundage said...

Damn, dude. Gorgeous stuff.

Diantres said...

yeap i really like this stuff

Kenny Callicutt said...

well these are exciting. Makes me want to break out the smelly etching ink again.

Trey. said...

thanks guys!

Scott- I was looking at your stuff last night- really funny man- hope to see you around the bend, maybe in KC.

Kenny- KC trip sometime?!

Thanks guys

-Trey b

Watts said...


Damion009 said...

wow! these are to awesome for words!

Orlando Sanchez said...

These are great man, very inspirational!!

Nicholas said...

So much of this is really great! nice work man.

gumkid said...

jeees. niice

Josh Burch said...

trey these are jaw dropping man.

Trey. said...

wow thanks guys

i'm glad everyone like them!

-Trey b