Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming From Behind

Hey guys, I've been following all the awesome work on the blog for a while but have been a bit of a creeper...I 'm sorry to say I've let work push me out of the regular-sketchbooking habit, but I'm trying to claw my way back in.

I've been pretty much drawing exclusively on the computer for a while now, sketches and everything, so I've been thinking it's been time to start playing around with traditional media again. Sam let me borrow his calligraphy brushes, so I had some fun playing around with them and whipping up this pulp/detective type image. I couldn't decide which colors I liked better, so I'm just putting them all up.


Aaron Rossell said...

I really love this...keep working with brush / ink!

Whitney Pollett said...

This is so alluring! And the composition is perfection. Is it digital or ink? How did you get the brush to be so scruffy? I just love everything about it! :)

peter carlson said...

I think the color on the bottom one works better.