Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muddy Waters-Sumi Ink

Took a break from homework last night. Yeah. I did a jazz musician, like everyone does, except that it's Muddy Waters and out of this amazing book of photography of William Claxton , Jazz Seen. It was my Grandpa's and I asked if I could have it and said "SURE!" He's cool.
Being a musician, I get really anal about drawing instruments and seeing how others draw instruments, especially if the strings are drawn all over the place. Well, mine where all over the place, so I scraped them out. Of course it depends, sometimes the looseness works with the piece, Sometimes it harms it, and that balance is a delicate one, and one I try and keep in mind to improve on.
This was allot more than I planned to write. Crits more than welcome, Im all ears.


Damion009 said...

FUCK ME! this is outstanding!

Orlando Sanchez said...

that is a bad ass guitar. The one thing I don't like about drawing the guitars are the strings, I shouldn't fudge them like I do. hahaha great hand on the guitar too.

Rich Pellegrino said...

the hoochie coochie man!

yeah, those are great hands. you nailed the guitar too. i stuggle with deciding to draw the strings too. Sometimes just a hint of light on part of them works well enough to implicate their presence. nice image though. very ghostly.