Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hey folks,

Great drawings on here as usual, but I wanted to share with ya'll an idea of a different sort. Starting with a personal fascination I have with the lost art of American KARAOKE!!

....interested? perhaps not.

willing to read what I have to say anyway? perhaps yes.

I have had a long relationship with dive bar singing, and I think that what I love most about it is that you can still own the crowd even if you SUCK.

Doodlesfukshit, today I hypothesize to you that the key to a good performance is not musical talent, but the ability TO ROCK! You have got to f&%#$cking feel it in your bones. Music icons of this day and age prove time and time again that you do not need talent to pull in an audience OR even better yet....PUT ON A GOOD SHOW. Millions of people put on incredible performances in shitty bars across the world every night just by wanting to prove that the singing they do in the car is just as good when they are drunk with a microphone. These high caliber performances are a crime of passion and intoxication....and I say that's fucking badass!!!

To take it to the next level I propose that everytime one of you doodles and shiters take the stage you do so with a custom made guitar. Made from a household material such as cardboard, plywood etc

(see illustration below)

I say to you....Why not go to your local dive bar....take the stage and perform with heart that even the grinch would envy. Melt some faces, and walk away a local legend!! Celebrate the pure passion of performance, and watch while fools wiggle with humility at your performance while the sea of rock ebbs from your body.

(customization is encouraged)

I am curently doing some focus testing arond the ARK-LA-TEX bar scene with the Moonbot crew. SO, if you see a sold out show in the area for "BAD MITTEN" be sure to stop by and witness the spectacle!!

"band poster"

and go kick some ass out there!!!

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