Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chilling the fuck out.

I'm going to third having a pet. My cat is a bastard out of hell, but just being able to look over in the middle of a piece freak-out and see an adorable cat chilling on the couch is enough to calm me down.

I think a lot of not freaking out is what everyone has already pointed out. Its really really difficult to remind yourself that not every piece has to be your raison d'etre. I am a horrific offender of this, but am slowly learning that its generally the pieces I give in and just use my intuition on that turn out the best. Letting go and just working is probably the hardest thing about being an artist. We're pretty insecure.

If I'm having a hard time on a piece, I'll also reward or treat myself. Time to get whatever the fuck I want for dinner or bake some cookies. It calms me down and the good vibes from stuffing my face help me go back to work less down on myself than I would've been with just a measly break.

And last but not least, MUSIC. Some people sing in the shower, I sing (horribly) while I work. Nothing gets me pumped like music and depending on the playlist, it can change everything about what I'm working on. In college, the first piece I ever did that I felt great about I was listening to Explosions in the Sky while making it. To this day, though my musical taste changes frequently, I will always start off working with "The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place" and its like flipping a creative switch.

For those of you without pets, you can borrow mine.


Diantres said...

yeah i usally listen a lot of music too, sadly i can't have pet in the place where i live.
i sing horribly too, also i do a lot of the weirdest beatboxing rhythms ever. mm i wil wrote an entry too.

Bombproof said...

HAhaha, well said Megan, OH MAN, The Earth is Not a Cold Dead PLace is AMAZING. I feel the same. Lets elope.