Sunday, October 18, 2009

=homage to the great Russ Meyer=

sup guys and gals getting my groove going with this piece. Im a huge Russ Meyer fan, if you are a fan of sultry, sexy vintage vixens with huge boobs :) then you will appreciated this man work. i just finished watching faster pussycat kill kill and valley of the dolls haha really cool films watch it if you have an open mind. so here it be hope yu dig pzzzzzz....


M said...

great mood to this.

Ruki said...

Russ Meyer, mmm I love his films and all the ladies from the films as well. This illo is quite nice.
Cosmos is coming out in a week!

looka said...

Tura Satana is a awesome actress: "Try again, I get funnier!!" I love that line. Whuppin' the butt of those no-good doers.

That drawing is crazy good. From the texture to the lines and the light - justé cool.

I'm looking forward to seeing the COSMOS Magazine Raquel!