Tuesday, October 20, 2009

:: Illustration Update October 2009 ::

For the October issue of Runner's World Magazine.

Spot illustration for Antenna Magazine.

A few spots for the October Issue of READ Magazine.


Eric said...

i saw that one in Antenna mag really funny piece man

Oliver Dominguez said...

NIce illustrations man!

Kenny Callicutt said...

sweet man. Enjoying the staging in these.

Sam Bosma said...

Hey Tin. These compositions are sweet and as always the amount of work is inspiring. A couple of things, though:

Are you doing the lines for these in photoshop? I think the quality of line is a lot weaker than your amazing sketchbook stuff you've been sharing with us.

I think the colors are pretty bland as well (midtone grays, straight "flesh" tones). Sort of like you're painting right out of the tube (but with a computer).

It's not that these are bad or anything -- I'm just so regularly blown away by your sketchbooks that I can't help notice a quality difference.