Tuesday, October 27, 2009

::Learning Photography-Feedback needed::

Hey Guys,

So I am experimenting with some photography since I am trying to expand my profession into various directions and Photography has always been another one of my passions beside drawing. I've uploaded a few more Photos on my photography blog, this time around focusing more on people rather than environments. Any feedback is valued, ...what I should work on..what 'does' work, what 'doesn't' work....also..any recommendations for a good 'affordable camera'?..budget limit being around 1000$?!

thanks everyone, just click on the pic to load the page.



EL Gato Negro said...

seems like your taking great shots already what cam are you currently using ?? but i messed with some cams and i am going to purchase myself a canon g11, the ESO-1D Mark 4 is good too

Tyler Schatz said...

hey man!

i dont do a lot of photography ( i'd like to eventually ) - but i guess since illustration and photography share so many similarities, looking at them from that mindset shows some really great imagery in your photos man!

ive seen a lot of photo tutorials online for tweaking photographs that have helped me out tremendously whenever i take some pictures - im sure a simple google search could throw you in their direction!

as for camera suggestions, i dont know any, but i'm sure if you hunt down eric (el gato negro) he'll give you the hook up - he has for me in the past!

looking good

Armando said...

I like Nikon, but Canon probably has more options.


My advice, spend money on good glass. You may upgrade the camera body later, but will likely keep the lens. Good luck on the hunt!

Jared Fiorino said...

I'm really diggin' those alley way shots Tin. Very nice.

Tin Salamunic said...

thanks guys. this was shot w/my friend's Nikon D40 SLR..off to some shopping for Cameras now :)