Thursday, November 5, 2009

Old women be quiltin'

Here are a couple drawings from a book project I'm workin about a lil ole lady and her quilts. Pretty fun project, allows me a fair amount of freedom with the images, as long as they are cozy and adorable. I'm having some fun with lighting and the patterns on the quilting.

This outdoor one was finished right before being told we were switching to a square format for the book. Not a big deal, but I really liked the grandeur of the image. Some straight up influence from NC Wyeth and his cloud giant.

And I was sketching some old ladies in preparation. Here is one of my less ill-fated forays into Wacom/Photoshop drawing.
-Scotty loves you.


Kenny Callicutt said...

nice drawings man, a lot of character. Maybe group the values more? To push the read of the silhouettes or big shapes more.

looka said...

Love those pencils!

andres casciani said...

impressive head!!

-GFT- said...

Awesome ! <3