Sunday, December 6, 2009

Page 5

Got some great feedback last time, Tried to work it into the new pages, hope it shows. I can show this one. Havent had a chance yet to rework finished pages. Critical feedback of any nature is welcomed.


Tyler Schatz said...

hey man, visuals are looking great!

couple things though, im not sure about the gesture on the bottom left panel, the guy seems pretty static to me. i tried acting out the pose myself (hah) and felt that movement to be much more twisting than what it looks like in the image.

is he hitting him with the broad side of the sword or carving a chunk of flesh out of him? theres some funkyness going on with that area, not sure if its the angle of the hands or the sword. but definately something

Aaron Rossell said...

dude this is seriously good. I especially like the middle panel.

Kenny Callicutt said...

Appreciate the feedback, and I agree with all of it. It was supposed to read as the flat of the sword hitting him. Im pretty sure that before the first collection of pages goes to print ill get the chance to rework things.

mick statham said...

this actually reminds me of very early Kent Williams. There was some stuff that he did in Epic Illustrated which, although still quite raw, really showed his potential. Just shows what happens when you keep going, eh? I see the same potential here. Excellent.