Thursday, January 14, 2010

:: PICTURAL COLLOQUY - Sketchbook Exhibition by Tin Salamunic ::

My Solo show is coming up in February. The opening will be on February 5th. It will be up for two months. A second opening for the month of March is yet to be announced.All work will be for sale. During the opening, I will have several original sketchbooks from the past to show the visitors as they are making their rounds around the gallery.Many thanks to Lynn Vandenesse for the great opportunity and Ameenah Yusuf for helping me edit/structure the artist statement.

Sketchbook Exhibition by Tin Salamunic

The selected sketchbook work composes visual fragments of my life, displaying the everyday journey of recording the world around me and portraying the architecture of my career. The drawings capture those junctures so ordinarily disregarded by our absorption in the overwhelming daily tasks that tend to blind us from the finer details of our surroundings: Colorful assemblages of the city’s clustered alleyways, the graphic, silhouetted skyline shaped by the glowing sunset, abandoned buildings covered in both graffiti and vegetation unifying our expressiveness with mother nature’s undeniable dynamism.

Sketchbooks have always fascinated me. They reveal the easily overlooked beauty of conceptualization camouflaged within the final work of art. The motivation of these sketches and their intimate relationship with the craftsman has been one of the main components in my technical development, as well as a growing passion in the field. As a result, life is perceived more abstractly by being reinterpreted and retold through my daily drawings.

This body of work invites the viewer to carry a visual conversation without my conventional presence. Individual pieces suggest an equivocal story by vying to announce their own narrative. The amalgamation portrays a chapter of a perpetual story, orchestrating the expedition of the observer through time and place.

Each new page projects a new discovery and sense of appreciation upon the grey veil of future’s ambiguity, constantly reminding me that:

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”


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