Monday, February 8, 2010

Robo Doug

illo about a robot named Doug who lives on a deserted island, and his main objective is to water plants. years later people come to find oil reserves on this island but first they need to cut down the trees. this creates a conflict with Doug


Tyler Schatz said...

lamar im gona be brash with you

couple questions:

wheres the conflict?

i see no conflict here at all, to me i see a robot and a couple guys looking for a pair of lost car keys in the grass. what are they looking at? are they not supposed to know the giant steaming behemoth of cold, bending, grinding steel and illuminating light is standing behind him?

wheres the oil? wheres the cut down trees?

i just dont know man

EL Gato Negro said...

Yeah Tyler got it on target, Nothing really sticks out the guys are all looking down (have variations), also why no foreground, Its will really set the space and mood. The color is not helping ether I just see gradients and it really dulls out the piece. post your thumbs for better feed back so the problem is nipped early on. Hope that helps man.!!

Tyler Schatz said...

^ i can agree. seeing a thumbnail, a value study and a color study would help tremendously.

if you didnt do any of those, start over, youre not doing it right.

Lamar Mathurin said...

it's just suppose to be the calm before the storm. they aren't aware of him yet. he suppose to be sort of blending in with nature a little bit. thats why I have one guy trying to saw the leg of the robot off. but I see what your saying. I did do values and colors, this thumbnail/ idea the teacher liked. I wanted the ink to do most of the work and not really render with the digital color. I thought flat shapes. sort of like mike mignola.