Sunday, February 7, 2010

:: Upcoming Show - in need of some help, if possible ::

Hey guys.
My opening was postponed due to bad weather and will be taking place on February 12th. I have already invested quite a bit towards my initial promo material, leaving me somewhat empty-handed. Now that I only have a few days to promote the new opening date, I'll need a bit of support from those willing to spare a few minutes of their time.

Below is the flier with all the information. Spread the word!
And for those of you who wouldn't mind printing out a few small black and white fliers and giving them out (or sending them through e-mail) a black and white version is attached as well.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient and I hope to see you guys at the opening this Friday!



Kenny Callicutt said...

To bad im not in Rich any more. Looks like a good show.

Orlando Sanchez said...

I wish i could go and see these pieces in person. Best of luck tomorrow!