Sunday, March 14, 2010

megacon sketching

had a silly time this weekend at megacon, here were some of the ones i salvaged to do while i wasn't gawking at all the babes

pope-y batman, but im starting to love his take on batman more and more recently

spidey is done in gouache and ink

cheers all,


Quicksand said...

Wow, nice touch on Paul Pope's Batman there. You've read the comic?

Tyler Schatz said...

yeah man! i finished the second read through of it last week and its grown on me since the last time ive read it - not sure what it was back then, but now i can appreciate it more for whatever reason.

im really looking forward to battling boy too

Quicksand said...

Awesome. I really love his interpretation of Batman - both visually and as a character.