Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birch Man

New Illustration!! Im working on a series for an upcoming show in May. It has to do with the town I was born at, Miami.
Its a two man show, with Orlando and I.

So this is the 5th piece for the show. The show is called "The O Show"!

There is more info in my blog, take a peak.


Chris Whetzel said...

This piece is so awesome it makes my head spin.

Tyler Schatz said...

fuuuucccckkkk fuck fuck fuck!!!

love this man it looks so great! its a side of you ive never seen before and want to see more of

( a lot more )



Orlando Sanchez said...

Yo this piece is so sick man, I love it!!!

Keyla Valerio said...

dude this is so bad ass!
I love love love it!

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...


Beardnick said...

Yup, it's pretty INcredible !_!