Sunday, April 11, 2010


For May Issue (out now) of RIDES Magazine.

LinkStart of a new series of car-cartoon personifications of Hip Hop Musicians. Each issue will feature two artists whose look and/or personality will be reflected in various car models. Probably the most exciting assignment I have worked on. Each assignment provides me with the opportunity to both design the graffiti text of each name, as well as play with various abstractions of cars, which are my favorite things to draw!

This is the final layout that was chosen for the Issue:

First round of sketches:

Playing with different car abstractions. The BMW is a personification of 3Six Mafia and the Royce Royce is a personification of Ghost Face Killah.

Here is my first round of background design experiments:

My set of page sample layouts that I submitted to the client:

Tip for illustrators: I personally believe that you can benefit a lot if you take your sketches as far as you possibly can. Originally, this assignment was supposed to have small 2 inch car drawings surrounding the body of the text, yet the editorial team decided to turn it into a full page feature because I provided them with a variety of fleshed out choices to work with. Generally speaking though, if you develop your sketch as far as you can, the client will have a better idea of where you will take the final, providing you with more accurate feedback and a quicker path to finishing the piece.

For Military Officer Magazine:
Part of the bi-Monthly Super Hero Series, this time focusing on Tax returns. The article talks about the many different things one can do with the extra tax returns, such as donating animals to third world countries, taking a trip and so on. The illustration is focusing on the hero donating the animals, as well as hinting a trip to Italy and one of the other sketches showing the possibility of taking flying lessons.
The text was thrown in by me and is not part of the initial illustration (The one bellow shows the approved piece), but I suggested to have the title article written in comic book letters to give the section of the magazine a more unified look. So, from now on I will be doing both the text as well as the image for this section of MOAA.

A few life drawings and some movie stills sketches:

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