Tuesday, April 13, 2010

life drawing

hey Shitters,

It's been a blue moon since I contributed, so It's high time that I did. I've been doing some life drawings at a local group the moonbot crew helped start here in Shreveport. It's nice being in a small town that supports the arts, cause if something doesn't exist (like life drawing) it's easy to create.

Hope you dig um'

ALSO it's long overdue, but It was all the knees of all the bees to see some of you in Florida Tyler, Eric, Scott, Alan, Keyla, Kelly, Vanessa and anybody I forgot to mention. You guys definitely fueled the art fire.

thanks dudes!!



Andrew R. Wright said...

Looks abstract to me (wink, wink).

Beauties. I dig the transition from the forearm to the hand on that top drawing!

Tyler Schatz said...

yeah man!!! its always a delight seeing you

drawings are looking beautiful man, im a fan of those ankles on the bottom drawing hah! fun shapes

cheers bro