Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sometimes it's fun to use your friends as inspiration.
I had a bit of downtime at work, so Drew told me to do my own version of his design for this guy:

I thought it'd be a good challenge to do a winter version, since this creature probably changes with the seasons. I started with this fella:

I added snow, but Drew said he looks kinda dead now. I figured he was just napping. All winter.

Not sure which I prefer, but either way, it's fun to take someone else's concept and put your own spin on it. Hope you enjoy! :)


Tyler Schatz said...

drews lumpz looks cool!

but yours...i want to ride yours.

therefore you win by default

(i just made it a competition)

Jack Teagle said...

Great designs!
I wish I could use my tablet so well.