Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Beginning

This was the last year for me teaching at VCU. I have decided to take some time off and dedicate it to the arts and figuring out my future. After eight years at vcu (as both student as well as faculty member), I'm now realizing that this is the very first time that I am officially 'leaving' the school environment. While I'm going to really miss the students and the great colleagues, I feel like I can contribute more to the art industry by staying active through blogs and online communities. The sketches here are some of the last drawings of my students and friends from VCU. On the left is my friend Eric Pfeiffer. His work ethic has been truly admiring over the past two semesters and his work has grown tremendously. You can view his blog here.

And here are some other doodles of students in and outside of the classroom. Sometimes, I like to take the whole class outside if the weather is nice and we spend a few hours refreshing our minds by removing ourselves from the work environment in the classrooms.
There is also a very embarrassing self portrait. The drawing does not lie about appearances. I feel like I've been a hermit for the past few months, letting by facial hair become a nest for creatures of the night. It seems that each time I decide to clean myself up a bit, it's usually after completing a full body self portrait.
In other news, I have a brand new website. I hope you can take a look and let me know what you think and suggest any necessary changes.

Additionally, I have completely redesigned and re-edited my Blog. Old posts had to go to free up some web space, but the navigation is much clearer and more consistent with my site.

I apologize for the lack of posts. I've been keeping track of all the incredible daily posts on here, but was unable to contribute myself due to tight deadline. Now that the summer is here, you can expect more frequent updates.

have a great weekend guys.



Rich Pellegrino said...

i know the feeling about getting locked working in your house for days on end and losing sight of all things hygiene. never a pretty sight. sweet drawings man.

LOOKA said...

NICE thoughts , cool write-up. Oh YEAH - I feel that Rich. Since Tin brought that up here, we should start a thing, drawing our messed up, closed in, drawers mugs. Like: Messed up mugs monday, hahaha. :)

Rich Pellegrino said...

messed up mondays! hahahaha! nice man. i'm down for it.