Monday, May 24, 2010

THE SPARK - Concept Illustrations for Gavrilo Princip

Hey guys! It's finally time to start working on some personal projects. I am currently working on a graphic novel titled The Spark. I am collaborating with writer Kirk Kjeldsen and we will have this hopefully published by Dark Horse Comics or Oni press upon completion.
The story will tell the tale of Gavrilo Princip. He was a Yugoslav Nationalist who was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination that took place in Sarajevo on 28 June, 1914 set off a series of events that led to World War I. History books reveal very little about Princip and his life, some calling him a hero while others portraying him as a terrorist. Years of research by Kirk have led to numerous revelations of Princip's character and the true purpose behind his actions. While the historical facts are thin, this story will try to tie in some of the loose ends combinig fiction and non fiction. ( in the tradition of Alan Moore's From Hell and Watchmen). The image in the tope left is a Cover mock up which was inspired by comics that were popular in Bosnia when I was little such as : Zagor, Alan Ford, Blek, TinTin, and many others. The other drawings are studies of both Gavrilo and Franz Ferdinand, in addition to a environmental image where I tried to set the mood/time period/of the comic.

In other News: I am about to start my sketches for "Motherfucking Time machine", a short story written by fellow artist/writer Jed Alexander. A more humorous story line with a gritty dialogue similar to the works of Quentin Tarantino. More on that soon, so keep an eye out. Feedback, comments and suggestions on the sketches for The Spark are more than welcome. Thanks Everyone!


LOOKA said...

I'm looking forward to more on the Comics. Will be interesting to see a story about the assassin, here in Austria, there's not much of momentary perspective on that.

Tyler Schatz said...

loving these tin, the bottom one is really strong also! keep it up man!

Rich Pellegrino said...

can't wait to see the comic tin. the drawings look dope.