Sunday, June 6, 2010


New Illustration for The New York Times. Book Review for the new Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (The Author of The Percy Jackson Series). The popular Percy Jackson book series has been taken to a new, more international level where the heroes are battling Egyptian deities instead of Greek gods. The final illustration (on the left) focuses on one of the main scenes in the beginning of the book (an explosion at the British Museum) that triggers a series of events leading the main two characters (Carter and Sadie) all over the world to stop the waking gods of Egypt.

My first sketches were focusing on the main characters. The article briefly described Rick Riordan's writing to Michael Bay's directing, so I felt a bit of humor was appropriate. A simple pin up that focused on the iconic weapons and clothing of the characters with some Egyptian hieroglyphs thrown into the background.

The last two sketches were focusing on SET, an ancient god of the desert. While his depiction in the novel is a complete redesign of the traditional Egyptian representations, I decided to stick with the more symbolic depiction of Set.


Rich Pellegrino said...

fun stuff! nice colors in the top one tin. you capture excitement and a sense of "fun" really well.

LOOKA said...

I like the straight forward approach of these, the colors totally compliment the line work in it's popiness.