Monday, August 30, 2010

The Spark- Gavrilo Princip Graphic Novel teaser.

Here is a teaser page from the Gavrilo Princip graphic novel-The Spark that I'm currently working on with the author Kirk Kjeldsen. Gavrilo Princip is responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand whose death triggered a series of events that lead up to World War I. History revelas very little information about Gavrilo and he is often very briefly mentioned in the footnotes of history books.
This novel will focus on his life, his passions and motives.
The release of the novel will hopefully be around the eve of WWI in a few years. There will be regular updates on this blog, so keep an eye out!


Raul Allen said...

Hey Tin, Looking great!
Looking forward to what's coming!

drewscape said...

looking good! that's quite a high level of detail too.

Rich Pellegrino said...

when are we going to see a full fledged comic man! these are rawkin!