Monday, September 27, 2010


This is a full page illustration for Military Officer Magazine. The image was done for the magazine's Essay Contest Feature. I decided to focus on one of the essays that talked about American citizens taking their "freedom" for granted and having little to no intentions of giving back to their country. While my personal point of view differs on so many levels, I thought it would be fun to draw Uncle Sam. Referencing the famous Uncle Sam poster, I had him reaching out to the viewer rather than pointing at the viewer.
These were the initial sketches I submitted. I was hoping for the sketch in the mirror, but the editors thought otherwise.
I usually have a scribbled write up of my idea underneath each sketch that I submit, so don't mind the poor font choice or the obnoxious capitalized fonts.
This was for ESPN Magazine. Upon completion of these three illustrations, the project was killed. I still had a blast working on these, so I thought I'd share them. It was for a new section of the magazine titled Advice Squad. Essentially, it is a more fleshed out versions of a Q&A section within the magazine. I picked discussions that focused around how geeky guys can get the girl and choosing healthy fast food.
Lastly, I will have a full page in the upcoming WORKBOOK. :D
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