Thursday, November 25, 2010


The first time I played Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo I was determined to become a concept artist for a video game company. I was in love with the design of the character, the many different creatures and the game's environments. Visually, it was pushing all boundaries of what I previously experienced in a video game. This particular shot was inspired by the last level of Super Metroid, which I recall being a pain in the butt to beat.

While I don't remember every detail of the level, I remember running against the clock after defeating the last boss and trying to find my way back to Samus' space ship. 

Today, I work as an illustrator and am still pursuing that childhood dream of working on a video game as a concept artist.  While there were many jobs in the past that required me to illustrate video game characters,  I am still deeply inspired my Mike Sneath and his designs and would love to open a new career path towards the gaming industry. 

Stylistically, I've been recently very inspired by Marcos Mateu-Mestre.
I love the energy in his drawings and his wild and instinctively controlled line work. I had a lot of fun with distorting the perspective and playing with custom brushes that looked like chisel tip markers.

Thanks for viewing guys and Happy Thanksgiving!


Orlando Sanchez said...

Sweet piece man. I like the style very much.

Jared Fiorino said...

Nice one Tin! The exaggerated features reminds me of that episode in the Animatrix, with the track runner.