Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I finally got some time in between projects to enjoy some PS3 gaming. Resident Evil 5 was my most recent adventure and I absolutely love that game. I decided to do a 3-4 page comic based on the gameplay and the image above is the first of the set. 

I also recently acquired the Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.  While it took me half a day to get used to the new, more textured and natural feeling of the surface, it's a huge improvement despite the quick tip wear. The drawing feels so much more natural and the texture truly feels like paper at times, especially after using the slicker surface of older models for so many years. 

Below is a panel showing the inks using my new favorite custom chisel brush. It really feels like drawing with a marker. :) I highly recommend the new tablet if you do most of your work digitally.

I have also been illustrating these half page, three-panel comics for Boy's Life Magazine each month and here is an example of this long running series that will be out in the next issue.

Thanks for reading guys, 

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