Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Figures

Here's some new stuff figure drawing stuff from me.


Orlando Sanchez said...

Great figure drawings. Is it a time limit thing that forces you to limit the areas of where the color should be or design choice? Who is your influence for this approach of figure drawing/painting?

Rich Pellegrino said...

Hey Orlando

Glad to hear you dig em! Both the time limit and design influence where I place my color. 80% design 15% time limit 5% happy accident. These orders change though. haha. The time limit helps with stopping me before I go too far which happens all too often.

I don't have a direct influence for this approach. At least not consciously. I do have a lot of artists I like and I'm sure it comes through in the work. (La trec, Shiele, Klimt, Gaugin, Matisse, contemporaries like James Jean, Kent Williams, Gary Kelly, you guys here, and some pals over at gorilla artfare)

I try hard to separate myself from everybody. Which is especially what's going on in the second drawing of the headless man.

The past year and in particular the past few months I've been obsessively searching to find my way of making art. From line to color to composition to abstraction. All of it. And unfortunately I'm nowhere close to what I want to be. Now that sounds really depressing but it is a lot fun going through the process for me.