Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some studies!

Hope you like them!


Martini said...

really beautifull!!! i love to draw myself and paint:) so you gave me a lot of inspiraton (i'm sorry for my bad english:S )

Anonymous said...

You are saying that the Greek Government is involved with " GER" who is in the "RING"?
Like in CONESSA?
So what you are saying is that you DO know about HYDRA?
So , you collect French Fees and " EF" fees with GE and Rite- Aid?
We want to get it recorded " properly".
So many companies are involved like COMANCO, COCHEAT, SORCO.
And if you are directly " associated" to the Queen , like REGIS, your fees must be " SKY DOLL" high!.

jamie holmes said...

Love these stuies.
Was paul giamatti for the first on? ;D