Friday, March 27, 2009


Okeay, I love the Studio Ghibli stuff, foremost that crazy Tanuki movie, that thing is so much rad fun! Also the design sense that works behind the anime aesthetics is something to itself.
The two DORKY DEMONS up there are an example of the recuring monster theme that's everywhere in anime. I can't say I ever enjoyed one flick with them, as demons in anime are always mixed with a bland sense of perversion. Really, I don't know why I should watch people being killed while they have sex. An act of rape is nothing I wanna see - either drawn or filmed. That has nothing to do with entertainment for me. Kind of weird how this creeped into anime.
So they are closer to the ones in THE GUYVER or SPRIGGAN. The stories hold nothing to them, but the concept and the basic ideas are stupid good pop fun. The demons look crazy and are nothing more than cannon fodder, or a chance for the protagonists to flex their muscles. For me, they are a chance to just take my lines to unlogical places and draw something dopey.
Third Row:
SAYA, from BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE. I recently watched it again and the visuals are as great as they have ever been. The story: "Next please...."
Thanks for providing me with warm up themes for the last couple a days, guys...!


Aaron Rossell said...

nice! I love the brushwork.

looka said...

Thanks Aaron! I try...

EL Gato Negro said...

I love it, blood was a sick anime sucks that its too short,also kinda bummed that I cant find anything artbook from the main artist for blood but I am in the process of watching the live action flik..

looka said...

Yeah, that it was too short bummed me out too...

The action sequences could have used a of more story around it. I think the character and the great visuals demand that. Else, I found it great to watch.

Live action... I gotta look into that.

Rich Pellegrino said...

cool sketches

looka said...

Thanks Rich! The things you post are always fun! I like the variety and the fact that you work purely in BLACK & WHITE as well as in paints!