Saturday, July 25, 2009

damnit eric

so i was rollin along with some fun star wars stuff and eric had to go ahead and throw down the iron man gauntlet. sheesh, jerk

i was never a big marvel reader growing up, i usually stuck to the more important and superior characters like aquaman

star wars stuff comin along in the next day or two



EL Gato Negro said...

ahaha dude i hate marvel image was my cup of tea growing up. i had to be oh so different hahaha but this is killer man hope you keep up with these one a dayz

Diantres said...

woah this really cool!

Lamar M said...

sickness man. pure sickness. Mine will come in a little late. I got a late start. damn this is good! keep it up.

looka said...

Hahaha! Way good!
Man you guys go! I wish I could catch up and post some stuff!!!

Jordie Bellaire said...

I love the glow!

Aaron Rossell said...

The glow is superb! Nice colors/ textures!