Sunday, July 26, 2009

=IRon MAn part 2=

I had so much fun i had to do another and this time i did a process enjoy


looka said...

Ya dupe! Looking fancy anyhow!
Hey, I'll throw in some people/names for the daily if you want to, just shoot me a mail with the posting schedule.

Tyler said...

^as long as youre not a marvel fanboy, sheesh!

lookin good eric

looka said...

What me Marvel, noooooooooo way!

Kenny Callicutt said...

Is that last step digital or traditional?

Looks cool.

Aaron Rossell said...

well I had fun just imagining your process! Thanks

Jordie Bellaire said...

Radical, Bonhomme!!

EL Gato Negro said...

Looka- yeah man im gonna send you the schedule that i have for the week and maybe if you can do the next week .

Tyler- thx man haha.

Kenny- the 2nd and last part is digital color.

Aaron- thx man next time ill live a bit of mystery.

Jordie- thank you my dear

looka said...

Sure will do!