Friday, July 17, 2009

SHOW me what you think

So here are a few closeups on the things I have been working on:
FIRST a look at some exhibition pieces, for a show starting in August that I am finishing right now. Here, the paper is a FABRIANO of an almost hotpress like surface, that makes the lines look crisp and allows deep blacks. The size being A4.

THEN, some of the cards done for shops and online sales of the meadow series. Here the paper is a handmade cotton rag with a very open structure to it. Both papers are excellent to work on, but drawing the line is totally different on each one. I guess you can see it in those photos how they differ in their surfaces. The size being A5.

Although I am for sure not anti-digital, being conscious of the necessity of it and what great stuff can come from it, I always try to work some aspects into my stuff that will remind me where the basic thought of drawing/designing a picture started off from.

In that sense, I have put together a, as of yet, small label with my stuff to present it all under on wrapper. You can check some of the things out over at: DRAWING NEEDS


AND for those in interest: I have been wondering how you guys see your own range of work and how that goes into your workflow (read = your daily hours, weekly planning etc, etc...). As we all use quite different materials I think the approach to a piece and it's finish are quite different as well. It's also not far off that the profession your working in dictates the use of materials - and those of course set the outcome of the visuals. I mean a person working in an artistic /professional field that is based on digital work has a completely different approach to the final than a printmaker, to be extreme.


OK enough chitchat by me - I'm outta here, I gotta work on the weekend, looking forward to read what you think on monday!! And Jordie, your win is being worked at, ...again. Man I'm lame, but work is a monster these days!


Whitney Pollett said...

Your control and line quality is amazing!!
And thanks for sharing your materials too! Paper and sketchbook shopping is probably my favorite thing to do!!

looka said...

Hey thank you Whitney, that's very kind - I'm glad you dug my nerding out! HAhaha!

I think finding the right materials to work with can really influence the progress. I went thru like ten different papers until I got the right one for me that was also durable and got me where I wanted.

I really want to make my own cotton rag now...